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Everybody realize that there is sometimes the need to use a fake doctor note. Sometimes you feel overworked, tired or underpaid, or you are stressed and need a urgent break and time for yourself. Have you already used all your off time and need a time away from work ? Whatever the reason for needing a doctors note, not written by a real doctor, where there is a will there will always be a way ! There are a good amount of fake doctor notes available today online on the Internet, so you won’t have a very hard time trying to get one for your needs. Downloading a fake doctor note is only the first, and easiest step in the way to get a few days off work.

Doctors note templates are easy to use. All you have to do is download, fill in the details, and print. You can modify or customize it the way you like. However, you should do some research first so that you can avoid the mistakes that will make your note ineffective.  A great site is this one:

There are great fake doctor note that you can purchase online. So, it’s not that hard to get one but that’s if you’re willing to pay. Don’t worry about the price because it’s not that hefty as you think. It won’t even cost as your whole day salary. Some of these notes are sold for $4 to $10 and that’s really cheap. In fact, it doesn’t even closer to the benefits you will have for having a long and relaxing vacation that is paid by your company. You can also check out

Sometimes it can be risky getting out of work or school with a fake doctor note but if you are very careful, it will not pose a real problem for you. The most important thing will be to use the name of a real, existing doctor and remember that the name of your so called doctor most be in line with one who specializes in the exact conditions or illness you chose as your excuse for getting out of work. It will be looking for real trouble using the name of a dentist when your excuse states that you had cardiac problems.

That said, you most also take care about giving a excuse with something you have no prior history of.By doing a Google search you will find a wide variety of websites that are advertising excuses that can be used on your fake doctor note.The doctor note most look authentic.The real note is usually handwritten on a pad that is smaller than a regular piece of paper and it has a letterhead with the doctor’s name and adress. The fake doctor note you download must be verifiable. Your boss may call to see if the number listed on the note is legitimate, he may not ask about your illness as there is laws protecting your information.

Also remember not to fill the note out by yourself as your boss will for sure know your handwriting and it will be an immediate giveaway. Don’t leave anything to fate or you will be caught and instead of a few day’s leave you might actually end up losing your job or get expelled from school!

You should try downloading templates from for your first use of a doctor’s note. This will surely get you the vacation leave you desired. You can also find great notes in this link that I had provided. Click here for the best fake doctor.

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